The League System

League System 1

League System (Season 3 Ranked)

Riot introduced a new system to the players for Season 3, which was disputed throughout the community. Several disagreed with it, and several approved of the change. I think it was a good change, but there are some flaws. As a support player, I find it harder to climb the ladders in ranked rather than someone who mains mid or another role. I have to rely on my team heavily to play right (with me playing right as well) to be able to win games. I can’t carry games like a mid player would, but I can feed my ADc to carry the game. The league system allows any player to increase their rank, considering they are a decent player.

I personally think the tier and division you are in has no meaning, and is just there for you to brag. I have found that some people can get carried and are in Gold/Platinum. When I have played with these people, they had a horrible W/L ratio which led me to believe they were carried to the tier they are now. The average “good” player has a higher than 50% W/L ratio. I am in Silver V, with a higher than 50% W/L ratio, and I believe I play at a high Silver to low Gold level. My goal for Season 3 is to at least be in Silver III. It should be manageable considering I am in Silver V, but I may get unlucky with unskilled teammates. Most of my losses I blame on my teammates, but I also capitalize on my own mistakes.

League TiersThe image to the right shows the divisions, and tiers from lowest rank to the highest rank being Challenger. A graph was recently released that shows the number and percentage of players in each division and tier.

Bronze I – 62.6%

Silver I – 15%

Gold I – 2.6%

Platinum I – 0.52%

Diamond I – 0.09%

Challenger* –  0.06%


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